The Miniature American shepherd descended from the Australian Shepherd. In the 1960’s breeders began to bring some of their dogs down in size – aiming to create a more compact dog with the same work ethic and ability. By the 1980’s they were registered with the National Stock Dog Registry as the Miniature Australian Shepherd, however unfortunately they were not yet recognised by the American Kennel Club (AKC). In an attempt to change this it was proposed that the Miniature American Shepherd would be put forward with a changed breed standard, and in 2011 the breed was finally recognised by the AKC. 

The MAS should be slightly longer than tall, with moderate bone and coat. They should have exceptional agility, stamina and be versatile for a variety of work. Intelligent, loyal, biddable and eager for the task ahead. They typically have strong guardian instincts, and while they may be reserved with strangers they should not be shy.

UK Miniature American Shepherd Club (UKMASC) are working towards the acceptance of the breed in the UK to join the British Kennel Club. 

While it is important that MAS should be able to switch off, they do need a job! They have excelled in many sports and jobs including:
* Herding * Agility * Obedience * Flyball * Scent work * Pets as Therapy (PAT) * Ringcraft (Conformation Showing) and more!

Infernia are careful to screen for all possible health issues before breeding to ensure our puppies will not be effected/to minimise their chances as much as possible. All of our health screening can be found on our puppies page, and also Cherry's page. However, there are some health conditions that have been associated with the breed.

Hip dysplasia * Eye disorders * Genetic disorders

Click here to see the MAS Breed Standard