On the 11th of April 2019 Cherry and Snoopy had 5 male red tri puppies!

Merlin - Infernia Magic Missile

"A bundle of sunshine. Full of energy, inquisitive and extremely loving - he gives the best hugs! A real hooligan to the others as he’s desperate to play chase!
A terror for getting under your feet and a real foodie who will do anything for a treat!
He’s started hoopers which he’s picking up really well - he is already working towards his first certificate."

Merlot - Infernia Red Warrior of Fire

"Loving, mischievous, highly focused. Bolshy, caring, playful, inquisitive. Cuddly, with attitude and extremely handsome. Nosey, noises, likes to hump but doesn’t know why! Eats anything, loves tea, messy!
Loves to sit in garden just watching and sniffing. Always there with you, can hear you open a crisp packet before you even think you want to!
Gruffly little face, gives kisses always. Chubby little legs, bushy curly tail, lots of naughty spots. Soft and gentle to touch, gobbles food, loves life and his family, wants to please all the time.
PERFECT in every way!"

Spritz - Infernia Solaris Spritz

"Spritz is a very happy little boy who I hope loves his life with us as much as we love having him. He is very settled at home - Spritz loves to be with us and will have as many tummy rubs as are on offer, but he is also independent and takes himself off for naps, or watches us from his bed with a chew, and generally keeps himself to himself whilst we eat or work etc...
When the time comes to switch on he can go from snoozing to working eagerly on his tricks in an instant, and he is a very fast learner. He loves to have a task, so when we're out gardening he's very happily out arranging his toys, or when we go to the beach he gets to work on digging a big hole. We are no experts in training but we've managed to get a lot of results with him and also found puppy behavioural things we've needed to work on easy to develop with his super smart little brain. It really feels like we have strong communication with him and he is very rule abiding and eager to please.
Spritz is getting really good at his calm lead walking around the city streets now, and we've recently been teaching him to settle and enjoy being in busy places after he found it all a bit too exciting briefly when his adolescence hit. So he's back out and about with us now to cafes and pubs for rest stops on his walks where he gets an abundance of attention and admiring looks. He loves bounding about off lead in parks, and sniffing and exploring. He is quite a thoughtful little dog, and is learning the rules of dog interaction and play very considerately and gently.
We are so grateful for the fantastic start he was given. We have no trouble at all leaving him home alone or with destructive behaviour, having him sleep in his own room, fireworks and building work noise, and we have already taken him all over the country in our car and on trains. He is really slotting into whatever we ask of him which means he is the perfect companion for us. Being in regular contact with Kelly has been invaluable, we've learnt so much useful information on the breed and his genetics, as well as general dog training advice from someone who knows his individual personality from early days and beyond.
He is a beautiful dog inside and out and we're very proud to be his owners!"

Wish - Infernia Wish Upon a Star

"Wish has a lovely temperament, he adores people and will wrap his paws round anyone's neck and snuggle in to them. He also has a great temperament with other dogs.
He learns very quickly anything I teach him and is very confident in all situations, having been exposed to many different things in those early weeks set a great start for him.
He is easy to train and loves toys and treats and switches from each of them easily.
He is such a lovely boy!"

Niki - Infernia Niki the Nomad

"Niki is a beyond sweet boy, who is incredibly well-mannered for his age. Our biggest challenge with Niki: he is too friendly! Ever excited to make friends, he greets strangers like long lost relatives and doesn’t understand when dogs don’t want to play with him.
He loves peanut butter and tug toys, and has newly established himself as a soccer star. He also loves sunbathing, birdwatching and doesn’t realize how big he is!
He is independent and prefers to take his morning snooze behind the bathtub, but he is also incredibly loving and cuddly. We count ourselves extremely lucky to have such an incredible dog."