On the 11th of April 2019 Cherry and Snoopy had 5 male red tri puppies!

Left to right they are Wish, Niki, Merlin Merlot and Spritz.

Merlin - Infernia Magic Missile

"Merlin is a crazy ball of fluff who has found his voice loves a good cuddle and playing with chew toys and exploring everywhere and anywhere he can get to. He has settled in really well and takes everything in his stride, and is already doing sits,downs and touch not bad for a 10 week old pup. He is adored by all and is enjoying meeting lots of new people and will be starting his puppy classes next Monday."

Merlot - Infernia Red Warrior of Fire

"We are absolutely in love with him, he is such a cheeky loving little boy who loves to give kisses and nibble your ears. Nothing seems to phase him and he reacts well to new situations. He has fitted into the pack perfectly and very quickly made himself at home. He has been very well behaved. Fast asleep at the moment after another busy day playing and exploring. Took him with me to training tonight so has had lots of cuddles and everyone fell in love with him! Such a balanced little boy. I think that is because of everything you did with them, so thank you so much"

Spritz - Infernia Solaris Spritz

"We are really enjoying having this little fur ball around the house. Spritz loves cuddles and playing with tug toys especially, and exploring all the smells in his new garden. There’s been a lot of changes and new noises for him to get used to and we’re so pleased with how he’s adapting 4 days in. He is starting to settle himself really well and is nearly sleeping through till our normal wake up time. With any new noises or objects he sits back and calmly takes it all in - then carries on his important sniffing, he hasn’t seemed daunted by anything so far. We feel so lucky to have had such a great start with his socialisation and can’t wait to get outside and explore with him. Oh, and he’s pretty cute!"

Wish - Infernia Wish Upon a Star

"He is adorable, very cuddly and a lovely temperament. Love his attitude. He is a good boy, he ventured up to the top of the garden with Asha without me this morning, we are going to have such fun together!"

Niki - Infernia Niki the Nomad

"Niki is such a sweet boy - and there are many sides to him! He's curious and brave but also lazy and if he sees his reflection he gives it kisses! He loves to play fetch, cuddle and perhaps most of all sploot!"